CEO Snehal Antani – Transforming Cyber Security

Snehal Antani, CEO of, previously served as a CIO within financial services, CTO at Splunk, and as a CTO within the US Department of Defense. This session shares his lessons learned transforming the cyber security posture of large, highly regulated …

Running NodeZero – Demo by CEO Snehal Antani

Join CEO Snehal Antani as he walks you through the product portal and demonstrates our product, NodeZero.

Real World Attacks: Responder to Domain Admin’s Senior Red Team Engineer, Zach Hanley, explains the process of using a combination of attack tools to gain domain administrative rights in an environment.

Attack Breakdown: Jenkins’s Chief Architect talks through chaining open source intelligence and credential attacks on the Jenkins devOps software to breach a perimeter and gain a foothold onto the internal network.

Evaluating Vulnerabilities – All 5 Considerations

From our Tech Talk, “Vulnerable ≠ Exploitable,” here is Zach Hanley, Senior Red Team Engineer, speaking about the 5 things you should consider when evaluating vulnerabilities.

HP iLO Vulnerability

Using a vulnerability in HP’s Integrated LightsOut service, we explain how we enhanced the exploitation to gain all cleartext passwords in the system. Roundtable: Solarwinds

The team gets together to discuss the SolarWinds supply chain attack.

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