The NodeZero Platform

Implement a continuous find, fix, and verify loop with NodeZero

The NodeZeroTM platform empowers your organization to reduce your security risk by autonomously finding exploitable weaknesses in your network, giving you detailed guidance about how to prioritize and fix them, and helping you immediately verify that your fixes are effective.

Continuously improve your security effectiveness with ongoing, unlimited, and orchestrated deployments. You can schedule and run as many pentests as you want against your largest networks and run multiple operations at the same time.

Are Your Credentials Exposed?

Attackers don’t hack in, they log in

Continually verify the effectiveness of your credential policies with NodeZero’s AD Password Audit.

Find your most critical risks, fix what matters most

Uncover blind spots in your security posture that go beyond known and patchable vulnerabilities, such as easily compromised credentials, exposed data, misconfigurations, poor security controls, and weak policies.

NodeZero pivots through your network, chaining together weaknesses just as an attacker would and then safely exploits them. You have full visibility into your pentest’s progress and the exploits being executed in a real-time view.

When the test is complete, the results are prioritized for your immediate action. The dashboard reveals your critical weaknesses, their impact to your organization, and provides detailed remediation guidance for addressing them at a systemic level as well as individually.


The NodeZero platform prioritizes the attack paths with the greatest impact to your organization, so you know what to fix first.

Understand the path, proof, and impact

You have clear visibility into proven attack paths, step-by-step summaries of each path, and a clear understanding of their impact on your organization.


NodeZero provides proof of the exploit, its impact on your organization, and mitigation recommendations.


NodeZero guides you through the remediation process and simplifies your fix verification.

Use detailed fix guidance, then quickly verify that your fixes worked

Your team will save time using the detailed remediation guidance for every weakness identified and a complete Fix Action report for your reference. The platform highlights systemic issues where making one change may fix numerous issues at the same time. In the image here, the guidance suggests that just fixing the insecure JAVA JMX configuration could eliminate 36% of the identified critical paths.

Once you have completed your remediations, it’s easy for you to do a Quick Verify to ensure that your fixes are effective.

Uplevel your team’s skills

NodeZero improves the capacity of your security and IT team members, regardless of their level of expertise, and helps you measure your improvements over time.

Begin by addressing your most critical impacts at a systemic level for best efficiency and implement a continuous find, fix, verify loop to proactively defend your organization.

You can set up and start your first NodeZero pentest in minutes

Then you can schedule pentests to run every day thereafter for continuous risk assessment.

See how easy it is to safely assess your entire network with the NodeZero platform and continuously improve your security posture

How NodeZero Works

Log In and Customize Your Internal or External Pentest

Discover and authorize assets, execute OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), and control a range of advanced configuration options. Portal VPC-Private Cloud


Copy + Paste the NodeZero Script In Your Local Network

Launch the pentest from the perspective you want. Just copy the script from your portal and paste to your host.

One-time-use Attack Architecture

NodeZero Begins Pentesting

NodeZero communicates with ephemeral resources in the AWS account to safely enumerate and exploit weak credentials, dangerous misconfigurations and unpatched vulnerabilities.

NodeZero Begins Pentesting

NodeZero communicates with ephemeral resources in the AWS account to safely enumerate and exploit weak credentials, dangerous misconfigurations and unpatched vulnerabilities.

One-time-use Attack Architecture

Isometric Laptop showing NodeZero UI

Review Your Results

Pentest details are collected into static resources and made available in the Portal.

Prioritized by potential impact to your business and brand, NodeZero provides you with diagramed attack paths, clear proof of successful exploit, 1-click reporting, easy to follow fix actions and full logs.

Isometric Laptop showing NodeZero UI