Horizon3.ai’s Partner Program provides a unique opportunity offering a new, disruptive technology to your customers. NodeZero, Horizon3.ai’s autonomous pentesting platform, helps customers proactively find and fix external, on-premises, and cloud attack vectors before attackers can exploit them.

With NodeZero, partners can help customers continuously verify their security posture.



Market Opportunity: Accelerate your expansion into a new disruptive market


Business Alignment: Invest in a platform designed to be profitable

Consulting PLUS

Force Multiplier: Unlimited pentests, unlimited IP addresses


New Revenue Opportunities: Reoccurring revenue as you continuously validate the security posture of your customers

Technology Alliances

Co-sell Opportunities: Offer integrated solutions that help clients get maximum value from investments

Referral Partners

New Incentive Opportunities: Bring in additional compensation when securing new customers

Liberman Networks Partnership Case Study

With assistance from Horizon3.ai and Liberman Networks, our client’s IT staff improved their security profile and their internal in monitoring, detection, and response skills. The IT team’s increased knowledge and confidence is generating greater trust in IT by the business.

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See an Attacker’s Perspective

As an MSP, MSSP, reseller partner, or cybersecurity consultant, how do you know your clients are secure?

Attackers don’t have to hack in – they log in. They chain together harvested credentials, misconfigurations, dangerous product defaults, and exploitable vulnerabilities to compromise hybrid enterprises.

As the attack surface continues to expand to include on-prem, perimeter, cloud, and WFH, organizations need to continuously verify their security posture.

We know customer relationships are a valuable part of your business. Our Partner Program is designed to be an easy win for Horizon3.ai partners.

Why Partner with Horizon3.ai?

NodeZero acts as a force multiplier for your ethical hackers. It enables MSP and MSSP partners to cover more accounts with a smaller team, preserving or increasing your margins.

NodeZero identifies attack vectors and ineffective security controls and ensures your limited resources are spent fixing what matters.


Pentest your hybrid cloud at scale


Prove your detection & response teams, tools, and rules are working


Prioritize and fix problems that matter

For Resellers

As a Horizon3.ai reseller, our interests and teams are aligned behind the customer. Your investment in our partnership is recognized and rewarded with solutions that are designed to be profitable and create recurring revenue opportunities for you. Resellers benefit from deal protection and increased margin through our Deal Registration program and joint marketing opportunities to help expand your customer base.

Our partner program gives you easy access to the knowledge and expertise you need to get your questions answered, timelines met, and deals closed.

For Technology Alliances

Protect your existing customer base and increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities by helping customers make the most of their current investments. Generate new revenue opportunities by demonstrating how you can help them improve their compliance and security postures through an integration with NodeZero.

Partner with us to:

Run multiple pentests per month vs. once per year.

Expand into pentest business without the requisite skill set.

Get hands on training through a virtual or in-person Horizon3.ai Seller and Operator Certification Program.

Increase customer interactions through pentest review activities.

Accelerate individual pentester velocity.

Easily access sales and marketing resources through the partner portal.

Purple Team engagement revenue exceeds Red-Team-only operations.

Inform and prioritize remediation efforts.

Generate high margins for MSPs given fixed cost for managed services.

Strengthening Partnerships with

Consulting PLUS Program

NodeZero Consulting PLUS Program helps your clients find and fix attack vectors before criminals exploit them.

In a world of ever-evolving cyber threats, our alliance partners must ensure they are providing top tier cybersecurity services while remaining affordable.

The Horizon3.ai NodeZero Consulting PLUS Program helps cybersecurity consultants and service providers better support their clients by offering a service that quickly identifies vulnerabilities, provides fixes, and verifies mitigation.

Benefits of the NodeZero Consulting PLUS Program

Unlimited use of NodeZero for penetration tests.

Unlimited sequential penetration test operations.

Unlimited IP Addresses per penetration test operation.

Special pricing for authorized Horizon3.ai Alliance Partners.

Ensures a comprehensive assessment of a client’s security posture and rapid time-to-value.

Consulting Partner have access to the Horizon3.ai Customer Success Team for questions regarding  operations reports and any issues that need to be resolved.

Using Our Partner Portal

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