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We enable our partners through a differentiated pentesting platform with unprecedented margins and an opportunity to upsell fix services.

Our autonomous pentesting product, NodeZero, acts as a force multiplier for your ethical hackers, enabling you to cover more accounts with a smaller team, preserving or increasing your margins.

NodeZero identifies attack vectors and ineffective security controls and ensures your limited resources are spent fixing what matters.

Why Partner with

Run multiple pentests per week vs. once per year.


Increase customer interactions through pentest review activities.

Accelerate individual pentester velocity.

Purple Team engagement revenue exceeds Red-Team-only operations.

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Inform and prioritize remediation efforts.

Generate high margins for MSPs given fixed cost for managed services.


Expand into pentest business without the requisite skill set.

Strengthening Partnerships with

Consulting PLUS Program

NodeZero Consulting PLUS Program is the force multiplier to help your clients find and fix attack vectors before criminals exploit them.

In a world of ever-evolving cyber threats, our alliance partners must ensure they are providing tier-one cybersecurity services while remaining affordable.
The NodeZero Consulting PLUS Program helps cybersecurity consultants and service providers better support their clients by offering a service that quickly identifies vulnerabilities, provides fixes, and verifies mitigation.

Benefits of the NodeZero Consulting PLUS Program
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Unlimited use of NodeZero for penetration tests.

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Unlimited sequential penetration test operations.

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Unlimited IP Addresses per penetration test operation.

Special pricing for authorized Alliance Partners.

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Ensures a comprehensive assessment of a client’s security posture and rapid time-to-value.

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Consulting Partner have access to the Customer Success Team for questions regarding  operations reports and any issues that need to be resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Partners FAQ

Does Horizon3 sell direct, via channel only, or a mix?

We expect to generate over 90% of our revenue in collaboration with our Alliance community.

Is there a 'deal registration' process, and if so, how does that work (Eg. margin, incumbency, etc)?
Yes there is a deal registration process. Please see the form in our Partner Portion of our Website. Partners with registered deals will be given additional margin.
Does Horizon3 provide free or paid technical and/or sales training to partners?
We provide our partners with free training.
Please describe the typical sales cycle for NodeZero.
Intro > POC > Quote > Close. We’ve seen deals close as quick as 30 days but the average cycle is probably 2-6 months depending on when we first speak to a client (i.e. before or after the budget cycle). 
Does Horizon3 team up with partners on opportunities in terms of delivering sales and engineering resources?
Yes, of course. We are geared to support our Alliance Partners.
How are leads inbound directly to Horizon3 shared to partners (or are they)?
Yes, inbound leads can be shared. We do that now and have Account Executives and Alliance Partner Managers in the field managing that process. What we ultimately envision is having partners who can run ops cradle to grave and we introduce you on first calls so you can intro Horizon3 and have a client learn from your perspective. 
What are the most common objections your sales team has to work around when engaging new prospects?

I have higher priority projects.
I’ve already committed to a manual pentest.
I don’t know the differentiation from other vulnerability scanners.
I don’t have the capacity to fix new issues you find.
I’ve never heard of you.

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