Team of Motivated “Learn-it-alls”

Meet the Team

We are a mix of US Special Operations, US National Security, and cybersecurity industry veterans. Our mission is to “turn the map around” – using the attacker’s perspective to help enterprises prioritize defensive efforts.

Founded in 2019, is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and 100% made in the USA.

Our Vision

The future of cyber warfare will run at machine speed – algorithm vs. algorithm – with humans by exception.

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Join the Team

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Snehal Antani

Snehal Antani

Co-Founder, CEO

  • Former CTO, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)
  • Former CTO, Splunk
    Former CIO, GE Capital
Anthony Pillitiere

Anthony Pillitiere

Co-Founder, Founding Engineer

  • Joint Communications Unit (JCU)
  • Master Sergeant (RET), USAF
Bob Cariddi

Bob Cariddi

Chief Revenue Officer

  • Former SVP Sales, SentinelOne
Monti Knode

Monti Knode

VP, Customer Success

  • Former COO, CISO, Deputy CIO
  • Former Air Force Cyber Operations

Contact’s mission is to help you find and fix attack vectors before attackers can exploit them. Contact us now for a quote or if you have any questions.