Effective Security

How do we define Effective Security?

At a time when ransomware, zero-day vulnerabilities and supply chain threats are rampant, what is effective security? Snehal Antani, CEO of Horizon3.ai, defines it in today’s context and describes how enterprises can achieve and maintain it in this exclusive video interview with Information Security Media Group (ISMG).

How do you know…

...you’re logging and alerting on the right security events?

…that your endpoint security is tuned properly?

… or that your password policy is effective?

Why wait for a breach to find out?

Why use NodeZero?
Continuous pentesting as a sparring partner - two boxers sparring

Let Horizon3.ai be your Sparring Partner for your SOC.

Continuously pentesting your enterprise helps you proactively find and fix security weaknesses before criminals exploit them. Autonomous pentesting services from Horizon3.ai serve as your “sparring partner,” helping you proactively improve the effectiveness of your security controls.

We don’t have a security tool problem; we have a security effectiveness problem.


Watch the TLDR of our Executive Webinar and download the slides to learn more.

Headshot of Snehal Antani

Snehal Antani
CEO & Co-Founder of Horizon3.ai