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For MSSPs and MSPs

As an MSSP or MSP, you are a trusted advisor for your clients. We want to help you continue to build that trust.

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Disruptive Technology That Will Help Drive Revenue

The Horizon3.ai Partner Program provides a unique opportunity to offer a new, disruptive technology to your customers – while driving net-new recurring revenue.

NodeZero, Horizon3.ai’s autonomous pentesting platform, helps proactively find and fix external, on-premises, cloud, and hybrid attack vectors before attackers can exploit them. 

Let Us Be Your Force Multiplier

There is a serious cybersecurity talent shortage, and it’s made it hard for partners to take on new customers. They just don’t have the bandwidth for additional projects. Many MSSPs and MSPs are now faced with a backlog of security testing projects due to a lack of resources.  

NodeZero acts as a force multiplier. It’s simple to use, quicker than other solutions on the market, and offers actionable results categorized by risk. 

Cover More Accounts, Regardless of Team Size

MSSPs and MSPs can cover more accounts with a smaller team, preserving or increasing your margins.

Plus, NodeZero identifies attack vectors and ineffective security controls and ensures your limited resources are spent fixing what mattersso remediation efforts are focused on what’s needed most. 

Why MSSPs and MSPs Partner with Horizon3.ai

Deal protection and increased margins

Easily grow your business with high-margin opportunities through the deal registration program.

Partner certification training

Training options educate your team to help drive new recurring revenue opportunities.

Partner incentives

Get deeper discounts and sales incentives when you meet specific commitments.

Special pricing for MSSPs and MSPs

Our elastic licensing model allows you to scale up to run concurrent pentests when emerging threats rise.

Flexible Pricing Options and New Incentives

for MSSPs and MSPs

In a world of an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, our partners need to ensure they provide top-tier cybersecurity services while remaining affordable.

Horizon3.ai’s Partner Program helps cybersecurity consultants and service providers better support their clients by offering a service that quickly identifies vulnerabilities, provides fixes, and verifies mitigation.

Partners can also use flexible pricing options to deploy NodeZero at scale. When new vulnerabilities or zero-days arise, our elastic licensing model allows partners to scale up and run concurrent pentests across your client base to verify if they’ve been impacted.

Partner With Us and You’ll:

Be able to run multiple pentests on demand instead of once a year.

Expand into the pentest business with the power of an autonomous purple team.

Get hands-on training, virtual or in person, with our Seller and Operator certification programs.

Increase customer interactions through pentest review activities.

Accelerate your pentesting velocity to do more with less.

Easily access sales and marketing resources in our partner portal.

Go beyond red team operations with a fully purple team view.

Know where to invest your time and effort with prioritized risk identification.

Generate high margins given fixed costs for managed services.

Why Horizon3.ai, and Why Now? 

Horizon3.ai’s business strategy is built on the concept of enabling partners to create high value, high margin businesses on top of our platform. Our partner-friendly licensing model is designed to give you predictable COGS and therefore predictable and high-quality profit margins. With Horizon3.ai you can methodically grow revenue across your customer base while also focusing on building strategic relationships with your customers.   

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