Credential Attacks

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Attackers don’t hack in, they log in.

Attackers usually don’t have to hack into your systems like in the movies; oftentimes, they log into your systems like valid users using credential attacks.
What are credential attacks?
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Attackers collect usernames

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Exploit poor password policies to obtain domain user credentials


Leverage misconfigurations to elevate privileges to domain administrator


…where they end up with the keys to the kingdom.

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Why fix vulnerabilities that can’t be exploited?

Most vulnerabilities found by vulnerability scanners cannot be exploited or are difficult and impractical to exploit; yet your teams spend precious time fixing these issues. Meanwhile, ransomware attackers are finding ways to chain together harvested credentials, misconfigurations, and dangerous product defaults to compromise your systems.

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Credential attacks are a critical enabler for ransomware, and they have cost businesses over $10B in the past 5 years.

Watch this Tech Talk: The Password Pandemic to learn more.

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