Understand the Financial and Business Benefits Enabled By the NodeZero Platform

Would you like to see the tangible benefits of incorporating NodeZero into your continuous cybersecurity assessment programs? Now you can find out for yourself in this commissioned study, The Total Economic Impact™ Of The NodeZero™ Platform, October 2023 conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Horizon3.ai.

We want to give you an exclusive look into the economic and technical results of deploying NodeZero. In this study, you can discover the real numbers, the undeniable impact, and the significant ROI that businesses experienced.

Why Should You Download?

Deep Dive Analysis

Understand how NodeZero is reshaping continuous cybersecurity assessment programs with its autonomous penetration testing capabilities.

Real-World Insights

Read the actual experiences and results aggregated from multiple organizations representing the entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare, and construction industries.

Financial Analysis

Discover the potential financial benefits of NodeZero such as improving security operations, eliminating third-party pentesting costs, and reducing vulnerability scanning expenses.

Strategic Framework

Equip yourself with a robust framework to evaluate NodeZero’s potential impact on your bottom line while learning how NodeZero improves security and reduces cyber risk.

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Highlights Include

A transparent view of the potential uplift in cybersecurity operations.

A roadmap to bolstering defenses and proactively countering cyber threats.
Insights into optimizing costs and enhancing operational efficiency.
A clear picture of the potential ROI NodeZero offers to organizations.

Take Control of Your Cybersecurity Future!

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