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US Public Sector

Penetration testing as it exists today isn’t optimized for the challenges faced by cybersecurity professionals in the public sector. This is an arena with massive attack surfaces and complex structures requiring cyber defenses to protect pivotal data. It has been, and will continue to be, a juicy target for attackers.  

It’s more than penetration testing – it’s continuous security validation.

With so much at stake and so much to cover, it’s imperative that you continually verify your security posture. NodeZero, Horizon3.ai’s autonomous pentesting offering, enables you to proactively find and fix internal and external attack vectors before attackers can exploit them. 

With NodeZero, you’ll get results in hours or days that can take weeks or months for traditional pentesting. Results are reported by criticality so you know which vulnerabilities are actually going to be exploited so you can focus your resources when they’re needed most. And you can run another test right away to make sure your fix actions actually worked. 

Annual Pentesting Isn’t Enough

Pentesting once a year is a common practice, but when the threat landscape changes in minutes, not months, pentest reports can be out of date before the ink is dry. Continually verifying your security posture is the only way to ensure you’re ready for the next attack we haven’t even heard about yet.

A true zero-trust architecture is necessary – but do you know if it’s working? NodeZero will find gaps in security, weak credentials, even shadow IT or other risks that may fly under the radar so you can address them before they become a problem.

NodeZero Public Sector Customer Stories:

Civilian Agencies

NodeZero is used by one of the largest civilian agencies to test and validate the integrity of the environments. NodeZero provides this agency with the ability to test numerous environments quickly and efficiently with virtually no impact on the organization’s mission performance.

City of St. Petersburg

NodeZero helped the City of St. Petersberg improve its defenses. 11 months after the initial operation, St. Petersburg has cut their weaknesses across over 3,000 internal hosts by almost half (45%), and eradicated impacts from a potential Critical Infrastructure Compromise completely.


State, local, and education (SLED) organizations run lean – their cyber defenses can often be a one-person show, and they’re at the whim of tightening budgets.

NodeZero gives these small teams the ability to act as a 20-year pentester with just three clicks. Target the areas you need to focus on most to keep your data safe, and then re-run the test to make sure your fix actions worked. 


We’re witnessing a shift from a compliance-based view of the world to vulnerability-based, forward leaning security posture. Security is only as good as your weakest link. You need to know where the gaps are.

NodeZero acts as your own purple team, identifying misconfigurations, human error, and other risks and then prioritizing those risks so you know where to start addressing them and how.

FedRAMP (the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) is a compliance program established by the U.S. government that sets a baseline for cloud products and services regarding their approach to authorization, security assessment, and continuous monitoring. Horizon3.ai is currently in the process of becoming FedRAMP-certified to better serve the federal cybersecurity sphere. 

Defense Industrial Base

You don’t have to look that far back in time to see examples of where the supply chain became a target for attackers. It’s one thing to guard your own gate; it’s another to know you can rely on third-party vendors and other partners in the supply chain to ensure the integrity of their systems.

NodeZero can identify gaps in defenses to provide you leverage to push supply chain partners to improve their own defenses and close the gaps along the way to ensure another massive breach doesn’t happen.  

How NodeZero Can Help?

NodeZero orchestrates over 100 offensive tools to harvest credentials, exploit vulnerabilities, and exploit default settings and misconfigurations to execute attacks to ensure your defenses are properly deployed.  

Budget Processes Are Slow. NodeZero is Fast.

As a force multiplier for any sized organization, Horizon3.ai acts a vCISO for threat intelligence, enabling you to run pentests when you want to – in hours or days instead of weeks or months. Plus, you don’t just receive a consultant’s report of vulnerabilities. You’ll see exactly how NodeZero found those vulnerabilities, the criticality of each risk, and how to fix it. And then: rerun the test to make sure you’re in the clear. 

View Your Network Through the Eyes of an Attacker

Thinking like the attacker is the best way to know how to stop them. NodeZero can run without credentials, using the attack techniques and tools used by bad actors. It follows the attack patterns used by sophisticated adversaries and nation states, chaining together vulnerabilities, harvested credentials, misconfigurations, and dangerous product defaults into attack vectors.  

Find, fix, verify – repeat.

It’s just that simple.

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