Horizon3.ai - Automated Pen Testing as a Service

Automated Pen Testing as a Service


True SaaS. Powered by NodeZero.

True SaaS - no consultants, no professional services, and no “cheating” with agents or up-front configurations.

NodeZero - a fully automated cyber attacker that emulates the behavior of real-world attackers. Available 24x7, scheduling an operation is easy, so you can fix what matters NOW.

True SaaS. No consultants. No ProServ. Fix What Matters NOW!

NodeZero maneuvers through your enterprise identifying angles of attack, then verifying and proving exploitation, so you can:

Defend your data

Identify attack vectors that can lead to your critical "Crown Jewel" data being stolen.

Prioritize vulnerabilities

Identify vulnerabilities that can be chained together to create high-risk attack vectors.

Exercise security controls

Train like you fight by attacking your enterprise to stress your processes and find your blindspots.

Benchmark your SOC

See how your detection & remediation times have improved over time, and how you compare against your peers.

Improve your red team

Increase your attack coverage by augmenting your Red Teams with our automated capabilities.

Audit your MSSP

Audit the performance of your MSSP through continuous, automated attacks.

About Us

Snehal Antani

Co-Founder, CEO

Former CTO, Splunk

Former CIO, GE Capital

Tony Pillitiere

Co-Founder, CTO

Joint Communications Unit (JCU)

Master Sergeant (RET), USAF

We are the fusion of former US Special Operations cyber operators, startup engineers, and frustrated cybersecurity practitioners. We see the world for what it is - bloated security tools, alert fatigue, reports filled with false positives, "checkbox" security culture, and consultants trying to pitch their "expertise".

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We are a group of passionate problem-solvers, tackling the toughest challenges in cybersecurity by innovating with the latest technologies. If you're like us, why not join us?