Purple Team Culture

You’ve heard of red and blue teams, but do you know about purple teams?

Competition between teams may provide insights into which team is more capable at achieving their tasks, but creating a common goal and definition of success is critical to identifying a company’s blind spots and gaps.

Typically the Red Team’s job is to embarrass the Blue Team. The Red Team shows up with a bit of swagger, conducts reconnaissance like an attacker, and finds a path in. At the end, they publish a report that points out the ugliness of your enterprise and they move on to the next engagement. Meanwhile the Blue Team…

Feeling Blue?

• Focused on endpoints
• Follow rules, use defined tools
• Blue wins by stopping Red

Seeing Red?

• Focused on attack vectors
• Break all the rules
• Red wins by pwning Blue

Blue Team


Security Operations
Policy & Controls Implementation
Incident Response
Breach Forensics

Purple Team


Fix What Matters

Red Team


Continuous Assessment
Agile Penetration Testing
Open-Source Intelligence
Vulnerable and Valuable

A Purple Team perspective can synchronize an organization on what truly matters.

Don’t just take our word for it.

EDUCAUSE Cybersecurity Program Director Brian Kelly

Purple teaming changes the way defenders approach their jobs. It helps them to think more like the adversary. That learning is a game changer because that is what enables them to incorporate new ideas and new tactics.

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See Your Company Through the Eyes of a Hacker, Harvard Business Review

Purple Teaming enables you to “turn the map around” and see your enterprise through the eyes of the attacker, enabling you to identify blind spots, ineffective tools, and identity kill chains that attackers can, and will, exploit.

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Ready to go Purple?

What Matters
Traditional Approach
Better Approach

Effort Required

High (Multi-Team, Coordinated)

Low (Self-Service, On Demand)

Test Frequency

Annual or Quarterly

Agile and Continuous

Total Cost

High for Single Pentest

Low for Unlimited Ops

Time to Value

Weeks to Written Report

Hours to Searchable Results


1-2% of Environment

99+% of Environment

Expertise Needed

High to Execute

Low to Execute


External Professional Services

Internal Purple Team Partner

Ultimate Goal

Pwn you to demonstrate value

Decrease risk to your company

"Horizon3.ai allows us to maximize increased security with minimum effort"

Customer Story

A global manufacturing company’s IT technical champion knew they had blind spots – even though there were no compliance issues – but couldn’t afford more than one Pen-test per year. Their attack surface was expanding alongside their growing IoT footprint. The value of agents and attackers was limited. Enter Horizon3.ai…

NodeZero is your cost-effective purple team partner.

Orchestrating hundreds of attack tools and techniques across your entire scope to chain attack paths and demonstrate real risk and impact.

If you don’t have a red team, NodeZero can get fill that gap.

If you do have a red team, NodeZero can be an extra set of steady hands, giving you more time to dig into more complex problems.

How can NodeZero help you?

Let our experts walk you through a demonstration of NodeZero, so you can see how to put it to work for your company.