Defend Your Systems Against Ransomware

In the past, the healthcare sector was spared from the worst of ransomware. But times have changed, and attackers are no longer holding back. Are you prepared to protect your healthcare organization from the rising tide of ransomware attacks?

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Autonomous Pentesting: Critical to Identifying and Reducing Your Ransomware Risk

As the ransomware threat continues to grow, NodeZero™ discovers the attack paths an attacker could take to discover and exploit the unknown vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your networks that could lead to compromise, or even worse, ransomware.

A Preemptive Approach to Defeat Ransomware in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations recognize they need a preemptive approach to help them discover their truly exploitable vulnerabilities, show them how to fix the issues at hand, then verify their fix worked. Discover the facts about how NodeZero is  redefining healthcare security in our comprehensive whitepaper.

Why Should You Download?

Stay Ahead

Understand why ransomware attacks in healthcare have surged due to a perfect storm of factors.

Expert Insights

See a real-world attack path discovered in a healthcare organization that could have led to ransomware exposure.

Strategic Planning

Learn how NodeZero is becoming an essential security ally for the healthcare industry and ways it reduces ransomware risk.

Risk Management

Learn how NodeZero lowers the risk of ransomware including 10 scenarios that can measurably help healthcare organizations.

NodeZero is redefining healthcare security:

NodeZero takes an offensive approach, mimicking attacker TTPs to identify and remediate unknown vulnerabilities.

It goes beyond traditional vulnerability assessment tools, pinpointing exploitable weaknesses.

Healthcare organizations worldwide rely on NodeZero to strengthen their security posture and validate SOC effectiveness.

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