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Beyond Password Issues: How NodeZero Found Access to an Organization’s Azure Cloud Environment  

NodeZero is a generational leap beyond a traditional pentest – organizations often see that for themselves from the moment they give our autonomous pentesting platform a shot. NodeZero surfaces risks and weaknesses that would never have come up during a general vulnerability scan as it chains together attack tactics and techniques to illuminate your most critical impacts an attacker could...
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The Attackers Perspective Through Splunk Data & Workflows

As the industry accelerates toward a threat landscape of attack and defense by algorithm and machine, humans must run at machine speed to manage the stakes of tool misconfiguration, mishandling of logs, and missed patching opportunities. The NodeZero app for Splunk is a force multiplier—combining attacker insights into your unique environment with your existing Splunk data and workflows to enable...
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Tech Talk: The Attackers Journey Pt. 5

In this session, Noah and his mentors will not only explore why the Kerberoasting attack technique is so pervasive and how you can configure Kerberos better to avoid these attacks, but also alternative setups that allow you to avoid Kerberoasting altogether.
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Webinar: External Autonomous Pentesting

With the announcement of the addition of external penetration testing capabilities to NodeZero, Horizon3.ai is hosting a webinar to introduce this enhancement to our autonomous penetration testing platform. This extension of NodeZero’s capabilities makes Horizon3.ai the first cybersecurity company to offer both internal and external penetration testing in one self-service platform. Join Naveen Sunkavally, Horizon3.ai’s Chief Architect, and Monti Knode,...
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How can NodeZero help you?

Let our experts walk you through a demonstration of NodeZero, so you can see how to put it to work for your company.