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Holiday Season Threat Awareness

As we approach the holiday season, it is important that our customers remain stay and continue a regular cadence of autonomous pentests. Although it’s the time of year for holiday cheer, we’ve seen cyber threat actors (CTAs) take advantage of lackadaisical company manning and low staff.
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The Undeniable Effectiveness of Password Spray

One of the most effective techniques NodeZero employs for initial access is password spray. It’s a primitive technique, basically guessing passwords, and when it works it feels like magic. Yet we see it work time and time again in various pentests conducted by NodeZero. In this post we’ll talk about what password spray is and walk through how NodeZero weaponizes...
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How can NodeZero help you?

Let our experts walk you through a demonstration of NodeZero, so you can see how to put it to work for your company.