Airiam and Horizon3.ai Threat Actors Webinar – Attack Simulation

by | Jul 26, 2023 | Webinars

Art Ocain, Field CISO at Airiam, and Naveen Sunkavally, Chief Architect at Horizon3.ai join forces in this webinar, where you will gain an in-depth understanding of threat actors and their tactics through a LIVE attack simulation.

Witness firsthand how attackers operate, their techniques, and the potential vulnerabilities they exploit.

What you’ll learn
– Learn how to identify weaknesses in your systems and develop proactive measures to mitigate future risks.

– Discover how to detect and respond to security breaches promptly

– Learn how to educate employees on recognizing and responding to potential threats effectively.

– Get answers to your specific questions, seek expert guidance, and gain valuable advice on improving your organization’s defense against threat actors.

How can NodeZero help you?

Let our experts walk you through a demonstration of NodeZero, so you can see how to put it to work for your company.