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Clients Want Assessments to Prove Service Efficacy

Gartner® recently published a report called, Emerging Tech: Grow Your Security Service Revenue with Cybersecurity Validations. We believe the report provides research from a buyer’s perspective on security services they purchase while offering guidance to MSPs and MSSPs on how to improve retention and upsell rates of the critical services they provide. So, what has Gartner discovered, and what do...
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CISA’s Ransomware Vulnerability Awareness Pilot: But Is It Enough?

In early 2023, CISA launched their Ransomware Vulnerability Awareness Pilot (RVWP). It’s designed to warn critical infrastructure (CI) entities that their systems have exposed vulnerabilities that may be exploited by ransomware threat actors. The plan is to identify affected systems that may be prevalent in CI networks, then notify operators about potential risk of exploitation. The idea behind this is...
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How an Attack Team Hunts New Exploits

Hear directly from Zach Hanley, one of Horizon3.ai's founding engineers as he walks you through a recent critical vulnerability case study. He is joined on this session by Scott Friedman, one of our Sales Engineers.
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Introducing the New Face of NodeZero

Hear directly from two of Horizon3.ai's founding engineers - Naveen Sunkavally, Chief Architect, and Rob Alderman, Data Architect - as they walk you through an exclusive tour of NodeZero's latest product refresh.
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How can NodeZero help you?

Let our experts walk you through a demonstration of NodeZero, so you can see how to put it to work for your company.