Insecure Java JMX Configuration

Table of Contents Option 1: Disable JMX Option 2: Configure a Whitelist Firewall Option 3: Configure User Authentication on the JMX Server Option 1: Disable JMX JMX is only required if you need remote management and monitoring of a Java-based application or the Java...

Netlogon Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability

Apply the February 9, 2021 Security Patch to the Host Microsoft released a patch on February 9, 2021 addressing this vulnerability. To install it, apply the latest security updates on every Domain Controller. For more information, see CVE-2020-1472 Security Bulletin

Remote Desktop Services Remote Code Execution

Table of Contents Option 1: Patch the Host Option 2: Enable NLA on the Host Option 1: Patch the Host Microsoft released patches, KB4493471 and KB4493472, addressing this vulnerability. Install one of the patches from the Microsoft Update Catalog for the corresponding...

Subdomain Takeover

Table of Contents Option 1: Remove Dangling CNAME Option 2: Update CNAME Option 1: Remove Dangling CNAME If the subdomain is no longer in use, then from your DNS zone, remove the subdomain’s DNS record. Review application code and configuration for references to...

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