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Horizon3.ai, Specialist for Autonomous Penetration Testing, Enters UK Market with Leading IT Partner Companies

Press Portal 06/15/2023 Horizon3.ai is announcing several high-profile partnerships to expand its market presence in the United Kingdom and is increasing the availability of NodeZero to enterprises in that region. NodeZero is an AI-based penetration testing platform delivered as a true SaaS offering. Organizations of all sizes use NodeZero to discover and help remediate security risks within their IT infrastructures…....
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Financial sector should perform penetration tests on its own according to EU regulation DORA

PressePortal 05/04/2023 In 2022, the weekly number of cyberattacks in the financial industry averaged 1,131 attacks – a 52 percent increase in one year, according to Check Point Research figures. More than two-thirds of large institutions were affected by at least one cyberattack, not including successfully prevented attacks and unreported cases… Read the entire article here
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Holiday Season Threat Awareness

Security Boulevard: 11/23/22 As we approach the holiday season, it is important that our customers stay vigilant and continue a regular cadence of autonomous pentests. – Cyber Threat Analyst, Al Martinek Read the entire article here
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