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Writeup for CVE-2023-39143: PaperCut WebDAV Vulnerability

Introduction Back in Aug. 2023 we released an advisory for CVE-2023-39143, a critical vulnerability that affects Windows installs of the PaperCut NG/MF print management software. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability to download and delete arbitrary files, and in certain common configurations upload files, leading to remote code execution. This vulnerability was patched in PaperCut version 22.1.3 in July 2023. This...
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PaperCut CVE-2023-27350 Deep Dive and Indicators of Compromise

Overview On 8 March 2023, PaperCut released new versions for their enterprise print management software, which included patches for two vulnerabilities: CVE-2023-27350 and CVE-2023-27351. The PaperCut security advisory details CVE-2023-27350 as a vulnerability that may allow an attacker to achieve remote code execution to compromise the PaperCut application server. PaperCut also details in this advisory that they became aware of...
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