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The La School District Cyber Attack Keeps Unravelling – Expert Comments

Information Security Buzz: 09/12/22 While there’s been a lot of speculation about the attack targeting the Los Angeles Unified School District, it’s unclear when the attackers gained initial access to the network and if the report accurately reflects the school district’s network’s vulnerabilities as it exists today. Read the entire article here
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Top Cybersecurity Startups to Watch in 2022

eSecurity Planet: 09/01/22 This article looks at the top 60 cybersecurity startups to watch in 2022 based on their innovations in new and emerging technologies, length of operation, early funding rounds, scalability, and more. Read the entire article here
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Former JSOC CTO takes aims at stopping cyberattacks before they happen with Horizon3 AI

SiliconANGLE: 08/30/22 The main reason why security tools are falling short of detecting many malicious activities today is that the actors orchestrate their hacks to resemble valid behavior from the target organization, according to Antani. These would include things like social engineering to obtain valid login credentials and then waiting for one of the owners to reuse a compromised password....
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Password manager LastPass reveals intrusion into development system

CSO: 08/26/22 Taylor Ellis, customer threat analyst at Horizon3.ai, an automated penetration testing as a service company, praises LastPass for the way it has handled the incident. “Whenever a breach occurs, many organizations fail to isolate the incident quickly, or they struggle with how to guide a proper security investigation.” Read the entire article here
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