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Horizon3.ai Drives Global Partner-First Approach with Expansion of Partner Program

AITHORITY: 09/27/22 “Most MSSPs and VARs don’t have the talent for pentesting, and trying to staff this position can be incredibly difficult,” said Christopher Prewitt, CTO of Inversion6. “Partnering with Horizon3.ai has been a game changer for us, as it’s allowed us not only to perform new services for our customers, but also provide a product where customers can pentest...
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Horizon3 positions Partner Program expansion as a value-add for MSPs, MSSPs and resellers

SiliconANGLE: 09/27/22 “First of all, there is a raising demand in penetration testing,” said Rainer Richter. “And, internationally, we have a much higher percentage of SMBs and mid-market customers. So, for them, pentesting was just too expensive. With our offering together with our partners, we can provide different ways for customers to get autonomous pentesting done more than once a year with even lower costs than they had with traditional manual pentests.”...
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Uber Systems Breached – Full Access Claimed

VMBlog 09/16/22 This is really just testament to the fact that almost every multi-million dollar security program is worth nothing without employee awareness, clean data hygiene practices, and constant validation of security controls through testing. We’ve seen way too many examples of credentialed attacks still being the #1 utilized attack vector for attackers. Read the entire article here
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