Horizon3.ai allows us to maximize security with minimum effort

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Customer Stories

NodeZero identified the specific, critical vulnerabilities that are actually exploitable, allowing one organization to maximize and increase security with minimum effort.

The IT technical champion at a global manufacturing company knew the organization had blind spots, despite having no existing compliance issues, but the team couldn’t afford more than one penetration test per year. Meanwhile, their attack surface was expanding alongside their growing IoT footprint. Here’s where Horizon3.ai came in as a difference maker and force multiplier:

In a matter of months, they’ve completed more than 80 operations spanning 16 datacenters and are now running four operations per week, driving their daily standup. This is a Blue Team using NodeZero as a Red Team partner to achieve Purple Team results at a scale and speed across their entire enterprise they could never realize through professional services or external partner testing and assessment. There are no alerts, only results, no persistent agents, no scripting, and no silos – only results.

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