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NYIS Fireside Chat with David Raviv

On January 28, 2022, CEO and Co-founder Snehal Antani sat down with host David Raviv of NY Information Security Meetup for an insightful fireside chat. They discussed Snehal's career as former CTO of Splunk and JSOC, his inspiration for starting Horizon3, and his outlook on the future of cyber warfare. Learn about: - Employing a defense strategy w/ multiple layers...
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Credential Misconfigurations

Are your credential policies implemented right? Are your enterprise accounts configured correctly? How do you know? Most phishing, ransomware, and credential attacks start by gaining access to a host and compromising a domain user (Credential Attacks – Horizon3.ai). With a credential in hand, an attacker can persist and pervade, appearing like a legitimate user and maneuver through your network with...
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Be Open to Be Wow’d

Being a #learnitall, Lesson 1: Be Open to Be Wow’d Most of the startup advice out there is pretty clear: get feedback early and often. Customer input is invaluable to delivering iter0, your MVP, feature releases that matter, bug fixes, utility and simplicity. In Customer Success, a lot of the job is review and advise so a customer can hit their...
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Coming Changes in the Security Landscape

I’m sharing this because I believe it is relevant to ongoing decisions in this community. I’m in a senior leader cyber group and got the chance to follow the headliner yesterday on Vulnerability Assessment tools. I lit them up, and had a CEO reach out to me afterwords on LI…here’s the conversation: Hi Monti, Thank you for your thoughts on...
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