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Fireside Chat: Horizon3.ai and JTI Cybersecurity

Horizon3.ai Principal Security SME Stephen Gates and JTI Cybersecurity Principal Consultant Jon Isaacson discuss: - What JTI does to validate things like access control, data loss prevention, ransomware protection, and intrusion detection approaches. - How #pentesting and red team exercises allow orgs to validate the effectiveness of their security controls. - Why offensive operations work best to discover and mitigate...
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Fireside Chat: Horizon3.ai and Intuitus

Horizon3.ai Principal Security SME Stephen Gates and Intuitus Chief Technology Officer Brian Beckwith discuss: - The greatest cyber threats to PSAP/911 services in municipalities across the US . - Where attackers are focusing their efforts that could result in ransom-based demands. - How Intuitus is taking a proactive approach to discover critical issues for their customers.
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Fireside Chat: Horizon3.ai and Moravian University

Horizon3.ai Principal Security SME Stephen Gates and Moravian University Director of Information Security James Beers discuss: - How James measures cyber risk within their constantly changing educational environment - What kinds of attacker TTPs are the most worrisome to organizations in higher education - Why an offensive approach to discover and mitigate exploitable vulnerabilities works best
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CVE-2024-21893: Another Ivanti Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild. Verify with NodeZero Today!

On 22 January, Ivanti published an advisory stating that they discovered two new, high-severity vulnerabilities (CVE-2024-21888 and CVE-2024-21893) after researching previously reported vulnerabilities affecting Ivanti Connect Secure, Ivanti Policy Secure and ZTA gateways. Ivanti provides enterprise solutions, including patch management and IT security solutions to over 40,000 customers worldwide. While there is no evidence of any customers being impacted by...
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