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Horizon3.ai’s NodeZero Takes Top Honors in the TMC 2022 Cloud Security Excellence Awards

Businesswire: 10/20/22 NodeZero was named a winner for its ability to continuously assess an enterprise’s internal and external attack surface, and how it reveals the many ways in which an attacker could leverage harvested credentials, misconfigurations, dangerous product defaults and exploitable vulnerabilities to compromise systems and data. Read the entire article here
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What’s in store for the technology security landscape, and where does pentesting fit in?

SiliconANGLE: 10/18/22 As much as companies are adjusting to new economic realities, one area in which they’re refusing to compromise is security. A major reason behind this is the constantly widening threat area, including multiple simultaneous clouds, managed solutions, and distributed workforces and infrastructures, according to Antani. Read the entire article here
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Horizon3 AI founder discusses MSP and reseller market dynamics in wake of partner program expansion

SiliconANGLE: 10/18/22 “How do we build a product and a business model that enables those last-mile channel partners to make even more revenue using us to underpin their offerings and services and get them to take advantage of the trust that they’ve built over many hard years and use that trust to not only improve the posture of their customers, but have Horizon3 become a force enabler...
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