Introducing the New Face of NodeZero

by | May 16, 2023 | Webinars

Horizon3.ai’s NodeZero Analytics Unleashes and Extends the Power of NodeZero’s Advanced Pentesting and Analysis

Hear directly from two of Horizon3.ai’s founding engineers – Naveen Sunkavally, Chief Architect, and Rob Alderman, Data Architect – as they walk you through an exclusive tour of NodeZero’s latest product refresh.

With our updated user interface and experience, we’re doubling down on our commitment to help organizations continuously verify their security posture. NodeZero, Horizon3.ai’s continuous penetration testing platform, enables organizations to test their infrastructure at scale by chaining together harvested credentials, misconfigurations, dangerous product defaults, and exploitable vulnerabilities to achieve critical impacts like domain compromise and sensitive data exposure.

How can NodeZero help you?

Let our experts walk you through a demonstration of NodeZero, so you can see how to put it to work for your company.