Horizon3.ai Expands NodeZero to Include External Autonomous Pentesting

by | Jun 1, 2022 | Blogs

Exciting news from Horizon3.ai: We have extended our NodeZero platform to include external pentesting, making it the first autonomous penetration testing platform to offer both internal and external pentesting in one self-service platform.

“A good security team assumes breach,” says Snehal Antani, CEO and co-founder of Horizon3.ai. “The bad guys will reach the perimeter – there are far too many ‘doors and windows’ to defend. Therefore, security teams need to focus on detecting lateral movement, privilege escalation, and other indicators of compromise and stifle the attacker from achieving their objective.”

This is why NodeZero initially focused on internal pentesting, as it is the bread and butter of pentesting. With external pentesting, NodeZero will identify public-facing assets and exploitable weaknesses with proof and impact, complimenting your internal testing and improving your overall security posture.

Traditional pentesting isn’t enough – it’s expensive, time consuming, and slow. With NodeZero, you see results in hours or days, whereas traditional penetration testing requires weeks or months to complete. Plus, traditional pentesting is just a snapshot in time. With autonomous, on-demand testing, it’s possible to continually assess your risk, and in a world where cybersecurity evolves every few seconds, there’s no time to wait around.

By including both internal and external pentesting, organizations can continually assess their assets inside and outside the perimeter, whether they’re on-prem, in the cloud, or hybrid. This provides a true understanding of the organization’s risk profile across the entire environment. The more visibility an organization can have about their assets, the better and more efficiently they can manage and defend them. It offers better understanding about their risks of exposure so they can close the gaps against future attacks.

“It’s always been Horizon3.ai’s mission to help organizations harden their security systems and improve security controls,” says Antani. “By extending the capabilities of NodeZero to include internal and external penetration tests, organizations have full visibility into their cyber risk profile, allowing them to quickly fix anything exploitable, then verify it’s removed.”

How does external pentesting work?

NodeZero provides a breadth of benefits to the organization:

  • Ransomware continues to be a widely used attack method for bad actors. Understand the attack paths ransomware can exploit, enabling them to breach the perimeter, move laterally across the network, and get to your “crown jewel” data.
  • Credential attacks are the fastest growing attack path and can be used to breach the perimeter. NodeZero can safely attack your public-facing assets to look for critical weaknesses to secure.
  • We’ve seen the impact that damage to supply chain can cause. Get a better understanding of third-party and supply chain risks to your organization.

Meanwhile, NodeZero can help improve asset management and do away with shadow IT by enabling you to discover all your public-facing, hybrid cloud, and internal assets. Don’t just discuss risk in theoreticals – come with evidence.

Plus, with no need for extensive training or certification, you’ll save time and resources with penetration tests that can be set up in minutes and executed on demand, as often as you want them to run.

Let NodeZero be your purple team partner. Learn more about NodeZero’s external pentesting capabilities here, or register for our upcoming webinar with Naveen Sunkavally, Chief Architect, and Monti Knode, Director of Customer Success, for an overview on NodeZero.

Check out this short demo of the product for a sneak peek!

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