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Higher Education Organization Improves Cybersecurity Posture with NodeZero

When the director of technology for a higher education organization went looking for a better way to identify and prioritize security weaknesses on the school’s servers and networks, his first interaction with Horizon3.ai and NodeZero started off with an impressive bang. “I wanted to see proof of concept, and Horizon3.ai solved one of our biggest security holes because of that...
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Patched ≠ Remediated: Healthcare Faces an Aggressive Threat Landscape

One of our clients, a leading U.S. hospital and healthcare system, consistently earns high marks for clinical excellence and is among the top 10 percent in the nation for patient safety. Recognizing the growing cybersecurity threats to healthcare organizations and importance of importance of maintaining compliance with regulatory standards like HIPAA, PCI, and other privacy rules, the organization’s IT staff...
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