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CVE-2023-48788: Fortinet FortiClient EMS SQL Injection Deep Dive

Introduction In a recent PSIRT, Fortinet acknowledged CVE-2023-48788 – a SQL injection in FortiClient EMS that can lead to remote code execution. FortiClient EMS is an endpoint management solution for enterprises that provides a central location for administering enrolled endpoints. This SQL injection vulnerability is caused by user controlled strings that are passed directly into database queries. In this post...
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CVE-2024-1403: Progress OpenEdge Authentication Bypass Deep-Dive

On February 27, 2024, Progress released a security advisory for OpenEdge, their application development and deployment platform suite. The advisory details that there exists an authentication bypass vulnerability which effects certain components of the OpenEdge platform. Our proof of concept can be found here. When the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway (OEAG) is configured with an OpenEdge Domain that uses the OS...
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ConnectWise ScreenConnect: Authentication Bypass Deep Dive

Introduction On February 19, 2023, ConnectWise published a security advisory for their ScreenConnect remote management tool. In the advisory, they describe two vulnerabilities, an authentication bypass with CVSS 10.0 and a path traversal with CVSS 8.4 (both currently without assigned CVE IDs). In this post we will dive into the technical details of the authentication bypass. You can view our POC...
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Rust Won’t Save Us: An Analysis of 2023’s Known Exploited Vulnerabilities

Introduction Memory safety issues have plagued the software industry for decades. The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has been leading a charge for secure-by-design and encouraging developers and vendors to utilize memory safe languages like Rust to eradicate this vulnerability class.  Google Chromium, the engine used by the majority of browsers around the world, reports that approximately 70% of...
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