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Proactive, tailored threat intelligence | Actionable insights for immediate response | Early access to advanced exploits


In this autonomous pentest attack path, NodeZero exploited two weaknesses — a Java JMX misconfiguration and SAM credential dumping — to achieve domain compromise.

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Continuously find, fix, and verify your exploitable attack surface

The NodeZeroTM platform empowers you to reduce your security risk and continuously improve your security posture

Autonomously reveals proven attack paths in your network

Shows you how these weaknesses impact your organization

Prioritizes and details the fixes you should make immediately

Enables quick and ongoing verification that your fixes are effective

NodeZero is easy-to-use, safe for production, and scales to support your largest networks. You are empowered to test a very broad scope in a single test, orchestrate tests concurrently, and simultaneously test your enterprise from different attacker perspectives.

Here’s How Teams Like Yours Are Using NodeZero:


…proactively fixes security issues within their infrastructure


…uses NodeZero as a sparring partner to tune their security tools

Security Teams

…respond immediately to n-day crises


use NodeZero to attack at-scale so humans can be scalpels

Large Organizations

assess and reduce supply-chain and subsidiary risks

MSSPs and MSPs

can run assessments, tune their services, and provide strategic insights

What People Are Saying About Horizon3.ai

"NodeZero has given our organisation the ability to conduct penetration testing in a reliable, repeatable, affordable manner."

Senior IT Security and Risk Specialist


"My overall experience has been very positive, from the deployment of the NodeZero to conducting the operation to interpreting the results."

IT Security and Risk Management


"This is the rockstar for pentesting, an indispensable tool which lets you kick off pentests as simple or complex as you want with the push of a button. The implementation was smooth and the support is great, the pentests you can run are very frequently updated"

IT Security & Risk Management Associate


"This product is in a unique and growing space and stands out strong beyond all others. The utility of this system can substantially increase your security posture."

– IT Services


"The setup and deployment of this product is pretty straightforward and easy to do. You can have this up and running in a very short amount of time and finding vulnerabilities in your environment before someone else does and shuts you down."



"Great product, that is simple and easy to use. Truly great support and team behind the scenes as well."



"Ease of setup. Linux box with docker, then access to the portal. Not hard at all for any busy professional."



"I have been in IT/Security since 1997 and over the years I have seen multiple penetration testing tools. Node0 by far is the best pen-test tool I have used. The experience and technical ability that Horizon3 brings to the table is outstanding."

IT Security and Risk Management


"Our initial trial was so impressive, we committed to a year contract to leverage this product to improve our security stance. After paying for an external pen test and being able to compare the results of both, this product was superior in many ways."



"Overall, the product is great! Would like to see some more API expanded capabilities (i.e. pulling additional CSV reports from the engagement - same as what is currently available in the portal)."

IT Security and Risk Management


"This helps elevate my team and takes away some of the most time-consuming tasks and automates them. Can't ask for much more."

IT Security and Risk Management


"This has really enlightened us on where we need to improve on the infrastructure of our business."



"The software was remotely fully installed and operational within 15 minutes "



"The kill chain that Horizon3 presents is great for being able to show the C-suite and talking them through WHY they should spend money to fix something."



"We can now run our required internal penetration testing without a dedicated resource."

Director of IT, Provider


"It is a very powerful, well thought out pentest tool that can be used as often as needed."

Systems Engineer, Provider


"Excellent Product."

Senior Cybersecurity Engineer, IT Service Industry


"The technology is solid and easy to set up and use."

Director of IT, Construction Industry


"NodeZero should be part of all enterprises' security fabric."

COO, IT Services Industry


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Low-Level Credentials Can Get Big Gains

Combining Compromised Credentials Enables Domain Takeover

Privileged Credentials Often Bite Back

Active Directory Analytics Solution Enables Domain Compromise

You Can’t Manage Risk if You Lack Context

Low-Level Vulnerability Leads to Domain Compromise

Veeam CVE Leads to Full Compromise

Low-Level Vulnerability Leads to Domain Compromise

Improve Your Security Posture

Continuous View of the Attacker’s Perspective

NodeZero empowers your enterprise to proactively secure against the persistent and novel approaches attackers use to penetrate your organization. 

Targeted Response to New Zero Day and N-Day Threats

With intelligence from a world-class attack team, NodeZero provides exploits for zero day and n-day vulnerabilities as they emerge, allowing your organization to test whether you are impacted and proactively secure against them.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Real-Time Reporting

The platform provides real-time insights and reports with weaknesses and impacts prioritized for you, enabling your security team to take immediate action.

Integrated Workflow

NodeZero can be integrated with existing tools like Splunk, CrowdStrike, KnowBe4, FlexTrac, SOAR platforms, ServiceNow, and Jira, reducing the time your team spends on manual correlation and reporting.

Reduce Operational Costs

Autonomous Penetration Testing

Traditional penetration testing services are often labor-intensive, expensive, and time-consuming. NodeZero can conduct unlimited tests round the clock, with faster delivery, broader coverage, higher accuracy and better value for money.

Earlier Remediation

NodeZero identifies security weaknesses earlier in their lifecycle, making them less expensive and less complicated to remediate.

Experts Not Required

The automation and integration provided by NodeZero reduces the need for additional specialized personnel, resulting in substantial savings and better effectiveness given the skills shortage.

Maintaining Compliance

Continuous assessment of your security posture with NodeZero helps you maintain and demonstrate compliance with numerous regulatory requirements, potentially preventing costly fines and reputational damage for non-compliance.

Make Better Decisions

Trend Analysis

By analyzing changes in your exploitable attack surface over time, NodeZero helps you measure the effectiveness of your security initiatives and aids you in refining future strategies.

Data-Driven Insights

NodeZero delivers comprehensive, quantifiable security metrics, enabling CISOs and CIOs to make more informed decisions about security investments and policies.

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