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Who Let the Logs Out?

Wednesday, October 27th at 2pm ET

Join Mike Buehler and Eric Alford as they share lessons learned improving security observability utilizing autonomous pentesting and the principle of “offense to inform defense.”

Key takeaways:

  1. Using autonomous pentesting to identify logging blind spots.
  2. Strategies to improve security observability.
  3. Tuning your SOC to improve detection.

Tech Talk Replays

Exposed and Exploited: A Hacker's External Infrastructure Attack Vectors

Exposed and Exploited

Listen to our expert attackers identify the top external infrastructure attack vectors they’ve exposed and exploited over the last year…all with path and proof.


Laptop behind a gavel

Compliance In Security

Monti Knode, Director of Customer and Partners Success, and Tony Pillitiere, Co-founder and CTO, discuss the benefits of network segmentation in securing your network and reducing the scope of your audits.


Code Logs

Vulnerable ≠ Exploitable

Prioritization of low-risk vulnerabilities alongside exploitable, impactful vulnerabilities can cause an organization’s security posture to suffer. How do you know if it is critical to fix what you find?


Shadow of hands over keyboard

The Password Pandemic

Attackers don’t hack in, they log in. Credential attacks are extremely difficult to detect because they look like legitimate users. There’s a password pandemic raging and we explore it in this Tech Talk.


Red and blue hands shake to create purple

The Purple Pivot

Purple Teaming unites the seemingly opposing forces of blue and red teams, so you—all of you—can focus on fixing what matters and get back to business.


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