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Why NodeZero?

Fix What Matters - Use NodeZero to identify critical issues in your environment with proof of exploit and potential business impact, so you can accelerate remediation of those issues. Spend your limited resources fixing things that really matter.

Evaluate Defensive Tools/Services - You’re paying for defensive tools and services and have no idea if they’re actually working. Use NodeZero to stress your security controls or audit your MSSP. Optimize your spend on tools and services that improve your security posture.

Maximize Your Security Team - If you have a small, or even non-existent in-house security team, you know you need help. NodeZero can be your cost-effective purple team partner.

IT and Dev Teams Are Moving Faster Than Security - Business is moving fast. New services and assets are spinning up and down routinely across multiple external environments (dev/staging/prod). You need some guardrails and visibility to ensure the organization is safe from attack. Pentesting once or twice per year just won’t keep up with the changes. NodeZero provides you with unlimited pentesting, any day, any time.

Remote Work Has Your Network Growing - Your company has shifted to remote work. You have no idea what kind of risk the company is incurring by implementing new tools and remote work policies. Use NodeZero to audit your environment (VPN, external tools, Wifi access, etc.) from the perspective of a compromised remote employee or a black box attacker.

Mergers and Acquisitions - Your company just acquired another company, including all their data and technical debt. The business and your colleagues can’t afford to wait for an assessment. NodeZero is built for speed and scale, covering your entire enterprise. Use NodeZero to quickly and continuously assess environments for weaknesses and potential impacts.

Horizon3.ai Target End State

Product Features

Automated Pen Testing as a Service (APTaaS) - True SaaS - No Pervasive or Persistent Agents - NodeZero is an unauthenticated and ephemeral container you spin up. No retention, memory hogging or credential provisioning.

1-Click User Experience - Zero tuning, zero training and 1-click reporting (PDF or CSV). From a single machine anywhere in your environment, NodeZero examines and exploits your enterprise, recording a path to your critical assets, identifying vulnerabilities, chaining weaknesses and earmarking precious data. NodeZero validates what an attacker can do and delivers those results to you.

Safe to Run in Production - You choose the scope and attack parameters. In live production or as code in your development pipeline, NodeZero benignly exploits what is most vulnerable and valuable and provides proof, so you and your team are focused on prioritized action.

Painless Pen Testing - Nobody looks forward to some outside auditor breaching their system and telling them where they are failing. With NodeZero, you own your pen test.

What Makes NodeZero Different?

Context - Your impact, your risk. Each operation and every weakness are scored within the context of your environment, what was found and what could be used against you. This is far beyond the industry standard.

Chaining - Attackers chain weaknesses to create an attack vector, taking advantage of misconfigurations, exploiting lower severity vulnerabilities and harvesting default credentials. NodeZero does the same at speed and scale.

Proof - Time and talent are scarce and chasing a false positive is frustrating and wasteful. NodeZero verifies exploitability and provides you with proof, so you can prioritize your remediation efforts.

No Cheating - No need to modify your environment. Validate your security controls the way they are or find out what needs to be fixed with NodeZero.

NodeZero is a fully automated cyber attacker that emulates the tools, tactics and techniques of real-world attackers, so you can find and fix what matters now. You get unlimited pen tests for less than the cost of a single traditional pen test, allowing your organization to Catch Up, Keep Up and Stay Ahead.

Catch Up, Keep Up, Stay Ahead Approach

Catch Up:
  • Accept that attackers know more about your environment than you do.
  • Vulnerable ≠ exploitable - criticality is a function of exploitability and potential business impact.
  • Assess your enterprise, determine criticality of findings and fix the problems that matter.
Keep Up:
  • Verify and improve your security controls - tools, processes, policies, and training.
  • Continuously find + fix + verify what's exploitable.
  • Adopt a Purple Team Culture, where Red teams and Blue teams work together to improve security posture.
Stay Ahead of the Adversary:
  • Look at your environment through the eyes of the attacker.
  • Proactively identify and fix threat vectors before the bad guys can exploit them.
  • Continuously assess your security posture, verify remediation and report results.