Horizon3.ai - Red Teaming as a Service

Red Teaming as a Service

Continuous. Automated. SaaS. Powered by AI.

Red Teaming (v): Identifying your cyber security weaknesses by attacking your enterprise to steal or change data, disrupt or degrade operations, or install malicious software using the same tactics as an advanced threat actor.

SOC's are focused on preventing compromise, while sophisticated insider threats and APT's are maneuvering throughout your enterprise.

Continuous, automated Red Team operations enables you to answer 4 key questions:

Are my "Crown Jewels" (my critical data) protected?
What urgent issues must I immediately triage or remediate?
How should I prioritize my vulnerabilities and other defensive efforts?
Are our detection & remediation times improving?

Powered by AI. No consultants. No ProServ. True SaaS.

We leverage AI to act as sophisticated insider threats & APT's, maneuvering through your enterprise, identifying "angles of attack", and closing the loop with automated & supervised fixes.


Defend your "Crown Jewels" data

Identify attack vectors that can lead to your critical data being stolen.


Prioritize your vulnerabilities

Identify vulnerabilities that can be chained together to create high-risk attack vectors.


Exercise your security controls

Train like you fight by attacking your enterprise to stress your processes and find your blindspots.


Benchmark your SOC

See how your detection & remediation times have improved over time, and how you compare against your peers.


Improve your red team

Increase your attack coverage by augmenting your Red Teams with our AI-enabled capabilities.

Audit your MSSP

Audit the performance of your MSSP through continuous, automated attacks.

About Us

Snehal Antani
Snehal Antani
Co-Founder, CEO

Former CTO, Splunk

Former CIO, GE Capital

Tony Pillitiere
Tony Pillitiere
Co-Founder, CTO

Joint Communications Unit (JCU)

Master Sergeant (RET), USAF

While Tony and I were working to transform our cyber security posture, Red Team operations became a critical part of our strategy, but in the world of AI and automation, hiring red team consultants was expensive and could only cover a narrow slice of our enterprise. So we started Horizon3.ai, which fuses military cyber operators with AI experts and product engineers, to deliver continuous, automated red teaming as a service. No consultants. No professional services. Delivered as a true SaaS offering.

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