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Attending Black Hat USA 2023? 

How do you know your security tools are effective? Discover how can help you find, fix, and verify attack vectors before attackers can exploit them.

Visit us at our Black Hat booth: #3144

Are you secure? How do you know?

Don’t wait for a breach to find out. Have one of our experts walk you through the NodeZero platform.

See how your organization can be up and running in minutes with no agents to install, no custom scripts to write, and no consultants to hire.

We give IT admins, network engineers, and security tool admins the power of a 20-year pentesting expert in 3 clicks.

Line up your demo prior to the show, or swing by booth 3144 in the Business Hall.

Engage With Our Team

Tuesday - August 8th, 2023

Black Hat 2023

Black Hat Happy Hour @ Slice of Vegas

Jump start your Black Hat 2023 experience with and friends at Slice of Vegas in the Mandalay Bay!

Thursday - August 10th, 2023

Black Hat 2023

Go Hack Yourself: War Stories from ~20k Pentests

In an ecosystem where you know you’re being targeted daily, how can you prove you’re secure? Are you finding and fixing the most critical attack paths, logging the right data, and alerting on the right events? Do you know if you’re ready to respond to an incident and are your security controls configured and integrated correctly? All this effort is supposed to measurably reduce your risk, but is any of it working?

DEF CON 2023

New Isn’t Always Novel: Grep’ing Your Way to $20K at Pwn2Own, and How You Can Too

In this presentation, we detail how the hacker mindset can be applied to seemingly daunting tasks to make them more approachable. We will show how we approached our first Pwn2Own contest and how we discovered a command injection RCE vulnerability affecting nearly every Lexmark printer. We’ll take a look at why we think it went unnoticed in previous research and why current open-source static analysis tools miss this simple bug.

 DEFCON 2023

DEF CON Happy Hour @ AmeriCAN

Join us for this fun-filled DEF CON Happy Hour at AmeriCAN on the LINQ Promenade to kick off the premiere hacker event of the year!