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Attending Black Hat USA 2022?

How do you know your security tools are effective? Discover how can help you find, fix, and verify attack vectors before attackers can exploit them.

Visit us at our booth: #1086

Are you secure? How do you know?

Don’t wait for a breach to find out. Have one of our experts walk you through NodeZero, our Autonomous Pentesting-as-a-Service (APTaaS).

See how your organization can be up and running in minutes with no agents to install, no custom scripts to write, and no consultants to hire.

We give IT admins, network engineers, and security tool admins the power of a 20-year pentesting expert in 3 clicks.

Line up your demo prior to the show, or swing by booth 1086 in the Business Hall.

Hear how uses AI to deliver Red Teaming and Autonomous Penetration Testing as a Service.

Come see Snehal Antani, CEO and Co-founder of, during one of the following sessions:
Wednesday, August 11, 2022

Welcome to DEF CON 2022

Join and friends for the DEF CON 2022 welcome reception at Off The Strip at the LINQ Promenade. You don’t want to miss this!

Date: Tuesday, August 1  |  5:30pm PT

Wednesday, August 10, 2022
2022 Veteran event at RSA

Date: Wednesday, August 10  |  12:40pm-1:30pm PT
( Mandalay Bay J )
Format: 50-Minute Session
Tracks:  Cloud Security, Risk, Compliance and Security Management

Go Hack Yourself: 5 Crazy Ways NodeZero Became Domain Admin

Snehal Antani  | CEO and Co-founder,

Attackers don’t have to “hack in” using zero-day vulnerabilities. Often, attackers log in by chaining together misconfigurations, dangerous product defaults, and exploitable vulnerabilities to harvest and reuse credentials.

This session will discuss five real-world attacks that enabled to become domain administrator, gain access to sensitive data, take over cloud VPCs, and compromise critical business systems. In most instances no security alerts were triggered despite having state-of-the-art security tools in place. Attendees will learn how they can find, fix, and verify the remediation of exploitable attack paths so they can proactively harden their enterprise and better detect and stifle attackers.

2022 Veteran event at RSA

Date: Wednesday, August 10  |  8:00am-8:15am PT (Virtual)
Format: 15-Minute On-Demand Zone Session
Tracks:  Cloud Security, Risk, Compliance and Security Management

SOC Effectiveness – How Do You Know You’re Ready to Fend Off an Attack?

Snehal Antani | CEO and Co-founder,

How do you know you’re logging the right data, fixing the right vulnerabilities, or that your security tools are correctly configured to detect & stifle attacks? It’s important to proactively verify your security controls and focus your resources on fixing only exploitable problems. Attendees will learn:

  • About real-world attacks that enabled attackers to escalate privileges to become domain admin and compromise their AWS VPC
  • Why no alerts were triggered during attacks despite state-of-the-art tools being in place
  • Why the Find+Fix+Verify loop is critical for building a purple team culture
  • The role autonomous pentesting can play in empowering and augmenting teams
Tuesday, August 9, 2022
2022 Veteran event at RSA

Date: Tuesday, August 9  |  4:30pm-7:30pm PT

Welcome to Black Hat 2022

Join the team and great group of cyber professionals and thought leaders from all over to kick this year’s conference off right!

We’ve taken over an entire premium lounge to entertain you in what will be the most highly anticipated event of the evening.

You’ll enjoy great company, stimulating conversations, delicious food & drink, and a great party atmosphere, PLUS Topgolf!

Space is limited.

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