Catch Up, Keep Up, and Stay Ahead

Your first 100 days as a CISO/CIO

During that first day on the job, you walk in as a CISO or CIO with a bit of swagger. You know you’re about to start on a fastpaced, high-stress rollercoaster. What you don’t know is where all the bodies are buried. Though you’re about to brief your big vision to the CEO, the Board, and to Regulators, that vision means nothing if you get breached tonight. So what do you do? Where do you start? 

From our experience as former CIOs, the best approach is a Catch Up, Keep Up, and Stay Ahead plan.

In the world of network security, compliance is the bare minimum.

Compliance is locking your door, but what about your windows?

NodeZero can take you beyond these requirements to help you ensure network security every day.

Network Segmentation Can Help You Move from Compliance to Security

A flat network, where everything is directly connected to everything else, makes security much more difficult. If an attacker breaches the network, they have access to everything, including sensitive data. And attackers will breach the network. Network segmentation gives you the power to limit the blast radius and the resulting damage of such an attack.

Scoping and Segmentation Assessment with 1-Click Reporting

NodeZero can verify if an attacker could pivot from one environment to another, by attacking from within or outside the defined segment, while also identifying any adjacent hosts that were “out of
scope” but may have been reachable. NodeZero can be bound to a certain scope or unleashed to search, discover, and enumerate what it initially sees and then automatically expand scope based on what it has been able to benignly exploit.

NodeZero chains dangerous defaults, weak and default passwords (along with any for which it cracks hashes), exploitable vulnerabilities, as well as open ports, protocols and services, to verify if an attacker can move from one network segment into another.

Although it is the foundation for creating a more secure environment for sensitive data and thereby reducing the scope of compliance audits, network segmentation can also be utilized to evolve to a zero-trust environment. The framework used to segment and scope your CDE or other sensitive data can be used for multiple network segments. The continuous, autonomous pen testing provided by NodeZero, along with a methodically segmented network, gives you the building blocks you need to develop a true zero-trust environment.


"With a single click, a
comprehensive Scoping and Segmentation report provided the summary and details this regulation demands."

Customer Story

When preparing for their annual required PCI DSS pentest and audit, an online banking
company pivoted from their traditional and expensive pentesting contract to Within minutes, they launched a pentest operation spanning their entire enterprise. In only days, they were able to verify the CDE scope and security controls for their audit. All of this was achieved by utilizing NodeZero.

Better, Faster, Cheaper and Continuous Compliance and Security provides Autonomous Pen Testing as a Service (APTaaS) with NodeZero, a fully autonomous cyber attacker that emulates the behavior of real-world attackers and delivers better, faster, cheaper and continuous compliance and security assessments.

NodeZero can quickly and thoroughly assess your environment for PCI DSS compliance, SOC 2 security compliance and other compliance requirements. It can also be used for the required pentesting necessary to achieve compliance with these regulations.

How can NodeZero help you?

Let our experts walk you through a demonstration of NodeZero, so you can see how to put it to work for your company.